'Superb - beautifully curated and amazing nails'

'Fabulous exhibition - great to see the works of top nail technicians in one space. Great work Ryan for organising' - Metta, Nails by Mets

'I've certainly never seen a show like it, but after viewing, I expect (and hope) I will in future. A really well curated show'

'Amazing and inspiring! Love it, well done all!' - Nails by Morgan

'Some awesome pieces. I'm glad I came' - Nails by Tracy

'Absolutely mindblowing'

'Fabulous creativity. I'm going home to do mine'

'Incredible exhibition! I'm feeling very inspired now...wonderful work from all!' -

'We are so proud and honoured to have been a part of this wonderful exhibition showcasing so many industry nail legends! You had a vision and from that you have created a space where these talented nail artists could go wild and show their inspired creations!' - Sweet Squared

'Very impressed and inspired by all the hard work that went into all the designs. I flew down from Edinburgh and it was so worth it. I didn't want to leave. Well done to all involved and I hope it makes a return in 2012'

'We were blown away by this gorgeous exhibition, so inspired we are running home to come up with some art of our own!'

'A big thank you to everyone who contributed. Was lovely to see Sue Marsh's work, she really inspired me in my first years as a nail tech. Hopefully the next exhibition will be even bigger and better' - Gemma, The Nail Team

'A fantastic exhibition! This is why I love working in the nail industry - so much work of my nail icons in one's so inspiring!'

'Heard about this just before coming to town - glad I caught it! Pity I broke my nail trying to open the front door!'

'Wow! Hugely inspiring and a fantastic showcase of the creme de la creme of the nail industry!'

'Brilliant to see the industry with its own art exhibition. Well deserved and incredible work - inspiring. Let's hope this becomes a regular thing'

'First of its kind - thanks for daring to do it! Amazing what's possible, amazing to actually see it done up close'

'Nail art is a passion and hobby of mine that I always do in my spare time. Seeing the exhibition today has made me want and wish I was working in this industry'

'Nail art nails it!'

'Been into nail art a while so was very excited about this exhibition. Has made me want to create my own pieces of art! Awesome exhibition, look forward to the next!'

'Amazing exhibition, was glad to see my own nails on the wall' - Paige,

'Really, really enjoyed this! Best exhibition ever!'

'Wonderful! So inspiring, creative, arty. I look at the nail industry as fine art and I'm proud to be a nail artist'

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