At the Start

At the Start / SOLD

At the Start

by Kathryn Gellaitry

Size (H x W x D): 14 x 15 x 0 cm

Year created: 2011

About this piece:

“At the Start” has an experimental approach by being playful in scale to downplay the dominance of structure.  By simple geometric silhouettes of stucture amongst a strong colour base of layered paint, oil pastel and graphite, a lively image of a local urban space is revealed.

Framed size will be 30cm x 29.5cm x 1cm. 

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  • Sunshine

    This drawing is FRAMED (included in the price), please see second image The dimentions of the frame are: Height: 28.5cm; Width: 32cm; Depth: 1.5cm The dimentions of the drawing unframed are:...

    Size (HxWxD): 28.5 x 32 x 1.5 cm

  • By the Forest

    Please note this drawing is UNFRAMED. The artist can have this framed for you at an additional cost of £30, but with an estimated delivery delay of 1 week. Please contact the gallery for more...

    Size (HxWxD): 25 x 25 x 1.5 cm

  • Dancing in the Dark

    This Painting is framed in a white, wooden tray frame (please see second image).  Dimentions 35cm x 35cm x 4.5cm.

    Size (HxWxD): 30 x 30 x 2 cm

  • On the Way

    This work is framed in a white, wooden tray frame (please see the second image).  These dimentions are 17 x 2 x 17cm.

    Size (HxWxD): 15 x 15 x 2 cm

  • Midnight

    This Painting is framed with a wooden, white tray frame (please see the second image). These dimmentions are 44.5 x 4.5 x 34.5cm.

    Size (HxWxD): 30 x 40 x 2 cm

  • Pathways

    This painting encapsulates all I loved while walking through some the nooks and crannies of Edinburgh city. It combines the strong silhouettes of buildings that caught my eye and the softer tones of...

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  • By the Roadside

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  • Down Town

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  • The Here and Now

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    Size (HxWxD): 213 x 123 x 2 cm

  • Drifting Point

    This drawing is a softly coloured and toned image that reflects a serene view of newly constructed buildings in Edinburgh.  This quiet area was a sanctuary, unusually protected from the noise of...

    Size (HxWxD): 25 x 35 x 2 cm


Kathryn Gellaitry is a Scottish artist who recently graduated in Drawing and Painting at Edinburgh College of Art.  Gellaitry`s atmospheric urban landscapes focus on buildings within regenerating areas in her hometown of Edinburgh.  Her work is brought to life by her honest approach in reflecting the area through Psychogeography (the art of being drawn to the surroundings and it triggering a response).  By creating exciting compositions and being playful in scale, a unique journey manifests within her work to create a gentle yet compelling atmosphere, reflecting what has inspired her, such as a building, a colour or a shape.  Gellaitry’s studio is situated in Meadowbank where her work continues to be expressive and experimental in her unique and captivating surface quality using painterly washes and bold mark making.


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