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Katy Gardner

University of the Arts London (Fine Art BA (Hons) , 2020)

My practice explores the transitional space between reality and imagination. A constant yearning to understand dreams, distant memories, and mutating shapes in the dark informs the progression of each artwork.

The work is process-led: often using fluid layers of ink as a base, to then find and highlight emerging forms. Considering the fragility of dreams and memories, the work can build from splinters of multiple moments or feelings, into a scene, that fits neither into the compartment of a memory, or real life, or complete imagination. 

Georgina Thornton-Parr

UWE (Fashion Textiles BA (Hons) , 2006)

I am an abstract painter who is inspired by vivid colours and interested in creating intuitive work that provokes a personal dialogue within the process. Each painting starts with an unbridled impulse, during the production I go on to form connections with each piece, contemplating a feeling, a memory a place.

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Katie Jackson

University of Salford

Katie seeks to represent the divine feminine through her careful and delicate handiwork, conveying an irreplaceable feminine quality. Her watercolour mastery has evidently taken time to perfect. Her testimony -

Nomination Best short film,

Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant

Lee Ellis

University of the West of England (BA (Hons) Graphic Design , 2006)

Lee Ellis (b. 1984)

Stefaan Vermeulen

Painter (Master in Graphic Arts , 2019)

Born on Oct 6th, 1966 in Hasselt, Belgium, Stefaan Vermeulen grew up in Genk, a provincial mining town and melting pot of more than 60 nationalities. His master studies in art from Hugo Duchateau and Ado Hamelrijck influenced him to develop a preference for natural materials, human scale installations and a deep interest in contemporary painting pur sang. Although one might find a layer of humour in some of his works, his drawings and paintings often show a sour and slightly melancholic view on reality that surrounds him.

Catia Goffinet

Pan American School of Art (Bacherol , 2011)

I have a great passion for simple and pure lines of geometry. I like the idea of ​​transforming them into art creating shapes through straight lines. My work varies between the purity of forms and the creation of elements that sometimes give the notion of organic forms.

I believe that everything in the universe is mathematical and connected. I believe in the energy of each living being and I believe that the connection between us and the universe is through imaginary lines.

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