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This profile features artists exclusively partnered with DegreeArt.com and the Bingham Riverhouse for seasonal exhibitions.

50 Artists to Watch 2023 - 42333

Collector's Art Prize


University of Portsmouth (BA(Hons) Illustration , 2014)

An artist with an overactive imagination. Born and bred in South East London, Frankie Curtis has created a unique style inspired from a childhood of growing up watching cartoons. Her work is a vibrant collection of crazy characters with a sprinkle of humour throughout. Working mostly in acrylic paints and markers, spray paint, and digital work bringing her work to life in an animated format.


StART Emerging Artist Prize

Sonja Yessey

*University - Faculty of Education Art and visual arts teacher for middle school (Bachelor & Master , 2009)

*University - Faculty of Education
Art and visual arts teacher for middle school Title: Bachelor 2007, Master 2009
Special pedagogy for teachers Title: Master 2020

*VSVH / Secondary School of Fine Arts
Specialization - advertising graphics

Anita Kutsarova

Sofia University (BA in Fine Art , 2006)

My intention as an artist is to create a unique and immersive experience not only a painting. I am influenced by the pure and authentic spirit of the nature. Sometimes only a thought about a place I am planning to visit could trigger a new idea for a painting.

My paintings are meditative, some of them very colourful and strong, others pastel in colour. I try to convey elements of my experiences of the places I have been. The colours of Cuba, the Scandinavia landscape, the dramatic skies of England or the sunlit Mediterranean.


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