New Wall Mural Collaboration Claire Luxton x FEATHR


Pictured: Crepusculum Wall Mural by Claire Luxton for

We’re excited to announce our new collaboration with multi-disciplinary artist Claire Luxton and Feathr, an interiors company that commissions artists to create original designer wallpaper, to launch a new range of wallpaper murals.  Claire’s practice primarily involves working within the realms of Photography, Sculpture, and Painting, creating striking, large-scale works and installations. Inspired by the qualities and properties of different materials and the way in which their physicality can occupy a given area, her work alters and interacts with particular spaces or environments.

Pictured: SPECIMEN NO 6: CREPUSCULUM, 150x100x5cm. Original artwork by Claire Luxton available for £4,500 from

Four original artworks become four unique wall murals

The collaboration takes the form of 4 wallpaper murals, created to complement the launch of Claire’s new solo exhibition, ‘Botanica’, which takes place at the Gallery in London. The four designs - Albus I, Albus II, Albus III and Crepusculum - are available exclusively on

Pictured: Albus III Wall Mural by Claire Luxton for

Often using herself as a material, as well as flowers, water, ink, resin and Perspex, Claire’s beautiful ‘sculptural floral narratives’ create an intricate mix of, transition, transformation and physicality. As well as being centred on the exploration of space, Claire’s photography and sculpture explore nature and the female form, examining both notions of strength and fragility. 

Pictured: SPECIMEN NO 1: ALBUS, 150x100x5cm. Original artwork by Claire Luxton available for £4,500 from

The Botanica Collection

Claire created each piece in the Botanica collection through merging different disciplines, floral arrangements captured as they interact with the space in front of Luxton's camera lens. The materials that make up the finished pieces include acrylic, resin and carefully selected flowers. The depth and drama within each piece in the Botanica collection lends itself perfectly to a romantic and contemporary wall mural.

Pictured: Albus I Wall Mural in Ink by Claire Luxton for

Pictured: Albus II Wall Mural by Claire Luxton for

Pictured: SPECIMEN NO 5: HORTUS, 150x100x5cm. Original artwork by Claire Luxton available for £4,500 from

Shop the full range of wall murals by Claire Luxton.  From £49 per square metre, including free UK, USA & EU shipping.

Event details:


The upcoming exhibition at Contemporary Collective showcases the work of multidisciplinary, British artist Claire Luxton. Botanica seeks to explore notions of strength and fragility, examining nature and the female form. Luxton will radically transform the gallery space, seeking to suspend the viewer in an immersive environment that’s both clinical and other-worldly. 

Luxton describes her new collection SPECIMEN(s) as ‘sculptural floral narratives’, uniquely combining flowers, water, ink and resin to create meticulously composed ecosystems, as if seen through a microscopic lens. Luxton further heightens the senses, by hand-embellishing the images with diamond dust and resin, to create an intricate an enchanting collection.

Opens: Thursday, November 2, 2017, 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM GMT. Runs until 18th January 2018.

Location:, 12 Vyner Street, London, E2 9DG

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