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Kathryn Sillince

Sheffield Hallam University (Contemporary Fine Art )

Imbued with an organic, ethereal quality, my work is characterised by a chaotic rainbow palette; clashing and complimentary colours competing together side by side, layered with a mix of calmer muted washes and splashes of bright neon. My work is light and fresh with a joyful energy, and the compositions are a delicate balance of intricate swirling forms and concentrated layers of colour. Finally, embellishments and finishing touches are made which lets some ideas breathe, others left intentionally raw, adding further energy to each piece.

First prize Award ( 初 入選 )

Daniel de Saint-Yon

UNamur (Université de Namur) ( Bachelor of Arts and Literature , 1970)

Daniel de Saint-Yon is a Belgian artist whose paintings have been exhibited both nationally and in Japan. His artistic practice is informed and inspired by the history and cultural interaction between Europe and Japan. De Saint-Yon's figurative compositions, which mostly portray women, begin with drawings and sketches from life. He creates using oils, India ink, and amber on canvas or wood.


Kansaï Kokuten Kokuga Sosaku Kyokai (japanese ( 国画会 ) Winner 1984

Kelsey Muldoon

Lancaster University (Fine Art , 2020)

I am a fine artist practising with oil paint.

My focus is on portraiture, specifically on the relationship between colour and lighting. I look into modernising old art forms using bright colours to create a cohesive but contrasting painting.

Figurative & Portrait Painting

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2022 Signature Art Prize Finalist Video Submission

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Print Maker

It all started when I accidentally stumbled upon the asteroid belt of art. And, now that's what I call home. My imagination has no bounds and I think mermaids do exist in reality. So do pixies, fairies and all the other beings that we have hitherto only heard of. Growing up, art is what I felt enamoured by and yet I had no intentions of pursuing it initially but that changed swiftly as I began taking my art more seriously and it quickly became my passion. My style is bright, bold, dynamic and "in your face". The colors I choose are vibrant and flamboyant.

Mariska Nell

Design School of Southern Africa (BA Interior Design , 2009)

Mariska is a South African born artivist (environmentalist and artist) with a passion for sustainability, with a background in Interior Design. She started to explore with waste in her art pieces a few years ago. Her curiosity about her new medium, had her researching a lot about her new waste medium, the effects it has on the environment as well as what alternatives there was for the items. Mariska wanted to use her artistic skills to create more awareness to drive environmental change.

Signature Art Prize 2022

Product Designer


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