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Aaron James Murphy

Aaron James Murphy

University of Brighton (Fine Art Practice , 2019)

Aaron James Murphy is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice spans writing, photography, sculpture and painting. A diversified practice is consolidated by ongoing research exploring the historical and contemporary discourse of Gay Rights Movements and AIDS/HIV.

Archives are a prominent point of departure in Aaron James Murphy’s practice and theoretical discourse. This enables access to a collective memory bank, rehabilitating the lives and actions documented into the contemporary sphere.

Conservative political doctrine has developed a burgeoning engagement with social anthropology. Issues related to societal pressures, ideologies and stigma in an autobiographical and biographical context are central themes.

Gay Rights Movements and AIDS/HIV discourse has fuelled Aaron James Murphy’s interest in the overlap of the private and public, candidly documenting his own experiences and diagnosis.

A research lead practice has developed and eclectic approach to traditional and non-traditional materials, which has resolved in an aesthetic vocabulary evocative of both Minimalism and Conceptual Art.

73 × 79 × 0 cm
  • £840.00
42 × 30 × 1.5 cm
  • £460.00
67 × 50 × 1.5 cm
  • £720.00
67 × 100 × 1.5 cm
  • £960.00
67 × 100 × 1.5 cm
  • £960.00

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