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Chagla Mehmet

Chagla Mehmet

University of the Arts London: Wimbledon (BA Fine Art: Painting , 2020)

I am an artist based in London. I work with multiple media including; photography, drawing, and painting.

When it comes to my drawings my main focus is the composition and layout of my work. I often find that less can sometimes be more. The empty space in my work is just as important as the forms that I draw. In some way, the open space within the drawings avert the viewer's eye to the more complex parts of my pieces.

The symmetrical composition is a form that gives comfort to those who can’t stand irregularity yet the irony is that looking close up at these drawing, you realise these lines are made from a complete asymmetrical mess and I suppose this form of juxtaposition is what draws the viewer in.

Though there is no right concept or message behind my work, I try to put emphasis on the process, which becomes almost ritualistic and mediative, in hopes that the viewer will connect with these feelings of serenity.

51.5 × 40.2 × 2 cm
  • £950.00
  • £475.00
76.5 × 61.1 × 4 cm
  • £1,250.00
  • £625.00
61 × 45.5 × 2 cm
  • £1,200.00
  • £600.00

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