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Charlie Lang

Charlie Lang

University of the Arts London

My sculpture rides on brute materiality and a floppy sense of humor. With raw materials like concrete, steel, and timber I marry their urban, hard and stern qualities with a bentness, sag, snap and bow. 


The piece reveal's itself through a slapstick parody of its industrial materials, its a punchline joke.


I have always been fascinated with the way that large objects are created, bridges, buildings, etc, so it makes sense that my practice revolves around creating objects that don't reveal their creation or reasoning.


I have chosen to submit this piece because it embodies my current research and practice. Its size and precarious nature demands attention and questions from viewers. From past sculpture winners of The Signature Art Prize, it seems that the reoccurring theme is abstract, fairly minimal, material focused pieces that draw attention, I feel this piece would be a perfect fit for tis prize.


The piece is free-standing and stable

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