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Dylan Riley

Dylan Riley

Painter (BA Hons General Art & Design )


I make portrait art, using traditional drawing and paint based media. 


Much of my work is conceptual. It is Highly illustrative and quite figurative. My pieces are influenced by a strong interest in science fiction, fantasy and horror. I take inspiration from gothic literature, film, comics, music, and also form various other sub-culture genres. A lifelong study of fictional genres has developed within me a desire to create fantastical images of otherworldly beauty.


The creation of my work involves the use of a portrait as a central structure. I use various other visual tools as devices to convey a particular idea, landscapes, animals, architecture, plant forms and skulls etc. All visual elements I take from life and photography, I feel that this makes for a degree of believability. The portraits are also referenced from fashion photography and life.


My work is quite technical in approach, working quite figuratively requires a good level of draftsmanship, proportional accuracy and attention to line/tone quality and precision. My process is structured, i like to build the image gradually using simplified shapes and then gradually building layers of increasing complexity and detail, until eventually a refined version of my idea emerges. This process also allows me to change or add other elements as the image grows.


Graduate show, Dean Clough, Halifax, 2000 Huddersfield University performing arts, solo show, Lawrence Batley Theatre, Huddersfield, 2000 Bar Life commission, Vox Bar, Huddersfield, 2003 The Day the World Turned Day Glo, 2 person show at Sleepers Bar, Huddersfield, 2006 Weird Tales solo show, Coffee Evolution, Huddersfield, 2007 Host, Art walk group exhibition studio show, Oakes Mills studios, Huddersfield, 2009 Host, Art walk group exhibition studio show, Oakes Mills studios, Huddersfield, 2011 Antwerp Mansion group show, Manchester, 2012 Cheshire Art Festival, The Mere exhibition centre, Cheshire, 2012 Edinburgh Art Festival, Edinburgh Corn Exchange, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2013    

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