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Jennifer Bennett

Jennifer Bennett

Other (BA(Hons) Fine Art and Professional Practice , 2010)

I’m Jen, am a true northerner from sunny Blackpool on the northwest coast of England! I’m an artist, although I am currently in the wrong job!

I didn’t start out my life wanting to be an artist, I certainly didn’t arrive out of the womb with paint brush and pencil in hand. I did do arty things as I was growing up and as a teenager I used to paint on my bedroom walls (although I think you are suppose to grow out of that by about 3) – it just never occurred to me as a career.

To be honest I did have a clue what I wanted to do when I grew up (or grow up is probably more suitable), it changed every 5 minutes. It was at 19 my long windy road to being an artist began, and probably at about 25 that I decided I actually want to be an artist. 

As an artist I love the traditional – drawing and painting, but I would like to bring a modern twist to it, and one day feel like I have a style. I am very much still at the learning page, and I am enjoying exploring materials I haven’t really used before, like pastel and watercolour and soon will be delving into oil. In the past I have mostly been drawn to charcoal which will always be my first love and often still spend a lot of my time looking like a chimney sweep! 

As for my inspiration? Well that is a much bigger tale.... -- but the short story is that I'm obsessed with flowers and the sky and as I'm also a physicist I tend to search for ‘the elegant universe’, the beauty in the ordered chaos.  


Open up North, The brewery, Kendal, 31 May - 27 July 2014 Second Nature, Espacio Gallery, Bethnal green rd, 22 May - 3 June 2014  One to go, Comrades Club, Blackpool, 2011 Talking walls, Cleveleys, 2011 Culture shops round two, Blackpool, 2010 Fine art Degree show, Blackpool and the Fylde College, Palatine Rd, Blackpool, 2010 Fine art Degree show, The Cube Gallery, Manchester, 2010

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