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Kennis Chan

Kennis Chan

Royal College of Art (MA Painting , 2015)

Kennis Chan is represented by Contemporary Collective. Please visit to view her portfolio.

Kennis Chan recently completed her Masters of Fine Art in Painting at the Royal College of Art, her new work has become exceptionally broad in utilizing geometric abstraction, along with multi layered forms and shapes with references to Western and Far Eastern philosophical thoughts, as if these paintings are in the midst of Western forms of abstraction and Eastern aesthetical values and craftsmanship in the contemporary sense. Her practice embodies profound respect for the places and environments she travels to. Themes of time and space have become the focus of recent paintings. Her work is contributing to current debates about painting’s contemporary status between East-West positions through geometric abstraction and gestural authorship. Recent shows include ‘Pulse and Pull’ at Lychee One Gallery and she has recently been long listed for this year’s Griffin Art Prize.

The in-between of things is the meeting point of knowing and not knowing.A painting might be composed out of straight lines and in turn distinct forms,but within this,undergo a continuous process of figuring and undoing/dissolution.It is not a straightforward task to discover the root of abstraction.
A painting is composed out of appearances, and appearances modulate a deeper articulation of space. The act of painting is a declaration of a starting point.I can never overcome the sensation of emptiness fluctuating between a murky and crystalline quality.But how does painting sink back into the silence of its own occasion?Things are certainly not as they appear and yet it is appearance that brings with it so many demands.I am inclined to think that appearance is noisy.Who knows?I don’t have to answer but the swerve between simplicity and complexity might still be addressed.

60.9 × 42.2 × 2 cm
  • £1,680.00
100 × 85 × 3 cm
  • £3,500.00
25 × 25 × 3 cm
25 × 25 × 1.7 cm


Selected Exhibition Show RCA 2015, Royal College of Art, London, UK, 2015 RCA Secret, Royal College of Art, Dyson Building, Battersea, London, 2015 In Conversations, YY9 Gallery, Hong Kong, 2015   Graduate Show 2015, Granary Art Gallery, Weston Park, UK, 2015 Summer Show, YY9 Gallery, Hong Kong, 2014 RCA Secret, Royal College of Art, Dyson Building, Battersea, London, 2014 Work-In-Progress Show 2014, Kensington Galleries, Royal College of Art, South Kensington, London, 2014  Northern Graduates, Curwen Gallery, London, 2013 Abstraction, YY9 Gallery, Hong Kong, 2013 North by West, Peter Scott Gallery, Lancaster University, UK, 2013   Private Collections London, Hong Kong, California, China

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