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London Metropolitan University (BA Fine Art (Sculpture) , 2014)

London based Sculptor and Olfactory Installation Artist

‘A nose that can see is worth two that sniff’ (Ionesco)

Imagine a carton of popcorn, take it in your hands and slowly bring it to your nose, breathe in the aromas, let the smells of the sugar, warm cardboard & the buttery sweetness roll in your nostrils, inhale deeply, now close your eyes for 10 seconds.

Just the thought of that smell is enough to give each of you a different picture, a vision of a memory unique to you. Smell is the only sense connected directly to the brain; when we smell something familiar, an unconscious, non-influential process starts, unlocking the associated olfactory memory.

My work incorporates both the visual and the olfactory.

I am currently working on 'Out of the Woods', a new series of wall hung and free standing sculptures inspired by the forests surrounding my home. Found wood is lovingly selected and the true beauty of the natural bark is preserved by building up layers of shellac. Each piece depicts symbolic faerie folk emerging from the beautifully textured world they inhabit, entering into our reality, created in bronze and then mirror polished. Combining the natural & the man made, with the characters all having a desire to climb, to rise, reaching constantly higher. There is some parallel to life, in that we all aspire to reach greater heights in work, relationships and achievements; driving onwards to the next big thing.

The form, purpose and function of a sculpture is of great importance to me, but wherever possible I like to enhance the experience with the use of odours.

My practice incorporates the study of both the philosophical and psychological aspects of odours; exploring their use in medicine, commerce, perfume and specifically as an aid, a trigger. Exploring psychological space, I aim to create a unique experience for each participant; through manipulation of sensory input with odour as a trigger to memory, designed to stimulate the individual’s sensorium; drawing on their faculties of mind, their experiential interpretation of the artwork through all aspects of perception, cognition and comprehension; enabling a completely personal encounter.

Until recently my olfactory art had been confined to the gallery, creating invisible sculptures and multi-media installations, or, as in the case of The DnA Factory, producing a perfume and creating the odours for their recent retrospective exhibition. However, I am currently working with ‘The Stables Horse Activity Centre’; a locally based charity that caters for people of all abilities, specialising in horse therapy; where I am creating an olfactory garden aimed at releasing relaxing smells throughout the year to be used as a type of meditation area, or chill out zone, for the patrons.

I continue to strive to unify my practice whenever I can, using certain plants, herbs and flowers in a garden when I install a sculpture, or suggesting a particular odour to enhance an interior piece. 




29.5 × 53 × 3 cm
  • £175.00
29.5 × 53 × 3 cm
  • £175.00
29.5 × 53 × 3 cm
  • £175.00
29.5 × 53 × 3 cm
  • £175.00
34 × 46 × 32 cm
  • £1,670.00
37 × 28 × 12 cm
  • £1,470.00
61 × 48 × 69 cm
  • £3,750.00
60 × 50 × 11 cm
  • £875.00
2.5 × 76 × 101 cm
  • £450.00


London Punk Revisited London Thu, 10/27/2016 to Thu, 11/24/2016


National Open Art Competition National Open Art Winner 2014


Publication Title Job Title Date
The Times A Lot of Skullduggery - They abandoned my brain Tue, 08/19/2014

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