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Leanne Hughes

Leanne Hughes

University of Chester (Fine Art BA Hons , 2015)

The natural world forms the basis of Leanne Hughes's work. She has a deep yearning to be constantly surrounded by nature.  She grew up in a small town, spending every summer outdoors from dawn til dusk. When indoors, she was always drawing and making things, and this need to be creative from when she was old enough to hold a pencil has never left her. 

Her favourite place to be in the world is out walking in the woods, just before sunset there is a fiery orange glow shining through the trees, and it is then that she feels most inspired to paint.  Spending time in nature is good for the soul, and when we are surrounded by four walls for much of our time, Leanne Hughes recognizes that it is important to bring the outside in, with plants and flowers and of course, nature-inspired art.
On her work, she says..

"I use a lot of positive energy when I'm painting and I like to believe that my pieces carry these good vibes off to their new homes with them, and I hope that they create a little bit of extra happiness wherever they go."


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