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Roya Nozadi

Roya Nozadi

University of Arts Tehran (Bachelor's Degree In Visual Arts , 2000)

Roya Nozadi’s work reflects her longstanding fascination with nature, contrasts, harmony, and the power of minimalist expression.

Her preferred medium is acrylic because the purity and flatness of the colours serve her minimalist agenda. Though static, the bright colours

and meticulously arranged geometric shapes in her paintings give the impression of motion, mimicking the natural rhythms of nature from where

she draws inspiration. 


If her paintings were to metamorphose into language they would appear as Haiku; colours and shapes cut into each other to highlight juxtapositions,

but ultimately find a precarious balance, as does nature in all its complexity. Even in the bleakest scenes in life, she likes to find fragments of beauty

and harmony and hopes that people find their own experiences of harmony and meaning within her work.

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