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Signature Art Prize 2019/20

Signature Art Prize 2019/20


The Signature Art Prize was established by gallery Directors Isobel Beauchamp and Elinor Olisa in 2007 to celebrate and identify emerging artists’ ‘Signature Style’. They define an artist’s ‘signature style’ as being “that which makes an artist unique; a combination of process and method, contributed to by the artist’s own personality which results in a piece that is unique and specific to them.” With their intuitive knowledge of the contemporary art market, they endeavour to fully capture and develop each individual artist's 'brand'. 



Those who visit university degree shows will be aware of the remarkable talent and high standards on show; The Signature Art Prize aims to capture this energy and assist young artists in exhibiting and promoting their work in an often challenging art world. 



Previous winners have gone on to achieve great success and industry acclaim, with their artwork being included in public collections as well as having the opportunity to showcase in stunning locations.


The prize is open to all artists currently studying, and those who have graduated from an arts-based degree within the last 3 years. The competition is divided into the following categories: 



116.84 × 50.8 × 203.2 cm
  • £32,000.00
41 × 29.2 × 24.6 cm
  • £980.00

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