Lauren Goldie Artist in Residence: 2nd - 29th August 2021

Bankside Hotel, Makers Studio, London SE1 9JU

Bankside Hotel x Contemporary Collective are thrilled to welcome mixed media sculptor Lauren Goldie to the Makers’ Studio as their next Artist in Residence. In the studio from 2nd - 29th August, Lauren will explore Astronomy as a main theme and inspiration for a series of artwork examining the fragilities of our planet, hypothetical narratives from outer space and the imagined landscapes that could become home.

Operating with an open-door policy to encourage visitors to engage directly with the art, Lauren will divide the studio space into a traditional gallery and workspace. Within the gallery section of the studio, there will be an interactive sculpture requiring audience participation to provoke collaboration and conversation. Additional works within the space will include a series of sculptural and 2-dimensional work inspired by tracking spatial objects. Throughout the residency, Lauren plans to work towards expanding this collection throughout the entirety of the gallery space.

The residency will take place during Lauren’s MA first year summer break, and she hopes to use the studio space as a catalyst for production and conversation with the intention of creating both sculptural works and a series of accompanying drawings. The process of creating the sculptures involves the use of non-toxic materials such as plaster or stone as opposed to resin and foam, and the drawings will be produced using a combination of pastel, graphite and acrylic paint.

For the duration of her residency, Lauren will take over the Contemporary Collective Instagram account to document her experience in the studio space. This takeover will feature process shots and final artworks to provide insight into the artist’s creative process, as well as weekly summaries include video clips of various activities taking place in the residency space and the development of ongoing work. Lauren also plans to run a free giveaway and audience participation challenge to engage the greater Bankside and Contemporary Collective community. In addition to the social media takeover, Lauren plans to host a Poetry Reading Evening and Sculpting Workshop.

About Lauren's Practice:

Lauren Goldie is a mixed media sculptor based in London, studying for her master’s degree at Central Saint Martins. She was announced the winner of the Broomhill National Sculpture Prize in 2017 and consequently set up her studio in the city. Projects have included a recent solo show at the Winchester Gallery, six months at the Cass Faculty of Art in association with Whitechapel Gallery and charitable exhibitions at various London Galleries (including GX and Store Street Gallery) raising funds and awareness for Parkinson's UK. Her current research interests are Astrophysical, designing sculptures that could survive in extreme circumstances. Accompanying poetry and drawings are diagrammatic, based on hypothetical landscapes and narratives of being lost in space.

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For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact Jenna Sachs: / 020 3701 7412 /

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