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Julie Bennett takes part in Music Makers exhibition at Hackney Picturehouse

We’re most pleased to hear that our artist - Julie Bennett is taking part in the Music Makers exhibition. It is the first joint exhibition of works by Julie Bennett and Gerald O’Dowd, brother of singer Boy George. The Music Makers exhibition opened on 2nd April and will continue to run through until 29th April from 11am-10pm at The Gallery of the Hackney Picturehouse. The collection includes illustrations of artists from five decades of music icons, including John Lennon, David Bowie, Bob Marley, Patti Smith, Janis Joplin, Courtney Love and Yoko Ono. Be sure to visit the exhibition.

About Julie Bennett:

Julie creates distinctive gestural portraits that allow her to examine in paint her fascination with the human face. Led by the process of painting she distorts the reality of the features to give her subjects an emotional charge as she considers the individual within a society increasingly driven by celebrity culture. Her works have been featured in various publications ranging from Londonist (2013), The Guardian (2011), The Independent, (2008), Evening Standard (2007) to Stylist (2011). Bennett has exhibited solo and in various group exhibitions. UK exhibitions include those at A-side B-side Gallery (2015), Deptford X Festival (2013), Griffin Gallery (2012), Victoria and Albert Museum (2010), Sartorial Gallery (2009), Saatchi online (2008) and Transition Gallery (2008).

Read more about Julie Bennett’s & see her work on our website.

Florence (2019), Julie Bennett                                                          Patti (2019), Julie Bennett

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