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The London Design Festival | The Cummings Twins

Contemporary Collective in collaboration with the Bankside Hotel is hosting an open studio with renowned artists The Cummings Twins as part of the London Design Festival.

Mark and Paul Cummings will present a series of events on their ‘Here, Now and Then’ exhibition, featuring art talks, workshops, digital installations and performances, including their infamous Gong Performance – a music piece relating to Hermeticism and the healing arts.

The Cumming Twins, are part of an ever-changing programme of makers in residence at Bankside Hotel’s makers studio. Bankside provides a permanent creative space and working with curators Contemporary Collective champion up-and-coming creatives, covering a wide range of disciplines including design, painting, sculpture, film, drawing, printmaking, installation, new media and photography. During their stay, Bankside guests are able to watch artists practice their creative expertise and so be taken on an informative and artistic journey.

The Cumming Twins intention is to create phenomenological experiences, with an interest for the occult, mysticism, technology and zeitgeist. The subject of transcendence is critical to their work and its relationship to contemporary culture. They produce artworks namely sculptures and audio-visual performances too – being multidisciplinary they utilize any medium that suits the project best. ‘Here, Now and Then’ offers a snapshot of their practice to date. Showcasing artworks that have been produced over a long, period, where several ideas have conflated. These ideas pertain to an archaic past where myth and magic prevailed in the developing civilizations.

These works also depict the current times we are in and its demise.

In 2006 after leaving university, Mark and Paul Cummings headed straight for the heart of London, settling a stone’s throw from the Square Mile. Based in the epicenter of the City they immersed themselves in technology and urban culture. They soon became a household name within the digital art scene at the time. Known as Digital Punks working under the pseudonym of AZ2Lab. Their work was showcased around the world in events and exhibitions such as Japan, South Korea, Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland and the UK.

Event locationBankside Hotel, 2 Blackfriars Road, Upper Ground SE1 9JU
* Upon arrival, please go to the hotel reception from where you will be directed to the location of the event.

The full schedule of events can be found on the London Design Festival website.



Saturday 14th: 
2pm Paper Craft Technology Work Shop
6pm Gallery Night Soiree Opening Night with Open Sound Jam - Studio

Sunday 15th:
2pm 3D Printer Workshop

Monday 16th:
6pm Studio Talk

Tuesday 17th:
6pm Studio Talk

Wednesday 18th:
6pm Studio Talk

Thursday 19th:
2pm Paper Craft Technology Work Shop
6pm - Gongs Eve (press only by invite)

Friday 20th:
2pm - 3D Printer Workshop
6pm - Film & Talk

Saturday 21st:
6pm - Gongs Eve

Sunday 22nd:
6pm - Gallery Night Soiree Closing Night with Open Sound Jam

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