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Inspired by upcoming exhition Performing for the Camera at the Tate Modern below are some of the artists that explore the relationship between photography and performance.

Sophie Derrick explores mulitple mediums: painting, performance and photography to produce work that captures her artistic reimaginings of the self.

Watch Sophie Derrick explain her process here.  

Claire Luxton engages with the physicality of the self-portrait setting up complex photoshoots pushing the boundaries of both the performance and photographic elements of her work. 


Corinne Perry interrogates her own emotional states in relationship to her physical enviroment thorough a series of self-portraits and drawing.


Cody Choi uses his experiance as a dancer to not only capture the dancers movement but to create an intimate visual dialogue with the performers.   

For more photographic work in this collection please click here.

For more information about the Performing for the Camera exhibition at the Tate opening on February 18, 2016 please click here.  


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