We are pleased to announce that Carolina Piteira will be exhibiting her solo show Curtain Falls at our Vyner Street gallery space, opening this August.

Curtain Falls presents the culmination of Piteira’s series based on exploring the everyday lives of Queen Elizabeth II's red guards.

Piteira’s work follows the critical observations and focuses intimately on the relationship between our real identities and the masks we use to cover them. Piteira confronts the person behind the red royal uniforms and works to expose new levels of intensity, sexuality and honesty, stripping the guards of their stern façade, bringing to the forefront, the real lives of these guards along with their individuality, shedding the still and unresponsive daily routines of a life in the Queen's Guard.

The exhibition will feature portraits and a short film, both of which emphasise the atmosphere of the works and the drama of their moments. The characters are straight-forward at first, but each is shrouded in an air of their own personality,­ which moves from emotional or humorous, to mysterious and seductive. The palette supports the atmospheric backgrounds, which keeps the drama of the moment, and in contrast, the characters saturate the eyes with an energy of colour.

Piteira says of this series, “I am interested in confronting the real side of a person which is hidden behind a mask. Most of us hide in an indirect sense, but that personality is hidden quite blatantly by the Queen's Guard. The raw character hidden behind its veil, the person full with emotion or passion, sensuality or a strong energy is not easy to reach - especially as we live in a way where we constantly regulate our self-expression and appearance. Uncovering that real character behind the veil is exactly what I am trying to achieve with my work.”


To see the full portfolio of works click here.



WHEN: 21st August -18th September 2014, Open Mon to Saturday: 12-6pm & daily by appointment
Private View: 4th September 2014 6-9pm RSVP only

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