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by Emi Miyashita
A Collection of Limited Edition Prints and Originals
The DegreeArt.com Gallery – 12a Vyner Street – London - E2 9DG

8th October – 31st October 2010 12-6pm daily
Private View and First Thursday Opening: Thursday 7th October 6-9pm
R.S.V.P. elinor@DegreeArt.com
Vice Anglaise and DegreeArt.com present Emi Miyashita’s 2010 solo show.
F65 is the clinical term for sexual perversions and also the inspiration and title for Emi Miyashita’s illustrated guide to sexual perversions.
Emi’s practice consists of micro scale pencil drawings each created using a multitude of different charcoal pencils and magnifying glasses. The small-scale drawings represent the strength and fragility of humans at the same time. Her theoretical influences include obsession, penis-envy, hysteria, traumas, the Oedipus complex, domination/submission, and child psychoanalysis; particularly those introduced by Sigmund Freud and Melanie Klein.
Creating an art work, I suppose, is, one of the best ways to escape from the reality to the unreality (my own fairy tales) and to explore the deeper meaning of life, death and everyday experiences such as consuming, working and communicating with others like those small people harvest and eat genitals to live in my tiny fairyland. (Emi Miyashita)
Established in 2009, Vice Anglaise is a collaboration between publishing house Golconda Media and DegreeArt.com to work with young and  emerging artists to create limited edition works of original, erotic art.
Vice Anglaise is about investing in images that are subtle, quirky, slightly disturbing, humorous, dangerous and of course, sexy. Images and ideas that challenge the way you think about the most basic, primal instinct we have: sex.
Box Set of 12 Signed and Editioned Prints: £2,500
Elite Edition: £5,000
Originals also available.

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