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New Paintings by ANDY OWEN
1st September– 3rd October 2010 12-6pm daily
First Thursday Opening: Thursday 2nd September 6-9pm and Contemporary Collective present Andy Owen’s 2010 solo show.

Metorama:  (meta: change or transformation); (horama: view).
The urban environment that we inhabit today is flooded with artificial colour and light, carrying an abundance of information to our fingertips. The luminous glow of the digital screen is ever present, at home, at work and on the mobile phone in our pocket. Meanwhile we find ourselves in the midst of a whirlwind of paper ephemera; bringing us the news and the latest celebrity gossip on our daily commute. Andy’s work investigates  how we experience events through these media and how they in turn have the power to shape and even distort our perception of the wider world.
The artist feeds his artistic practice on this plethora of disposable visual information, culling imagery from the press and the Internet. Photographs of catastrophic events, earthquakes and uprisings in far-flung places are thrown into the mix with the celebrity snaps from closer to home. Using digital manipulation, Andy de-constructs these images, breaking them down to their most basic pictorial elements: line, form, colour and space. They are combined and rebuilt into something new, stripped of all recognition and divorced from the original source material.
The newly constructed imagery makes the leap from cyber-space and back into the physical world, continuing to evolve into a painterly dreamscape as he translates it onto canvas. The result is gestural forms that trace their way through hallucinatory landscapes of blurry hues, before melting into the illusionary depths of the flat surface. The source material has been democratised, the monumental levelled with the banal, like yesterday’s news their meanings lost and forgotten, wiped clear to be re-cycled as a simultaneous aesthetic event.

Prices from: £1,200 – 020 8980 0395 –
The Gallery – 12a Vyner Street – London - E2 9DG

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