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Chagla Mehmet

University of the Arts London: Wimbledon (BA Fine Art: Painting , 2020)

I am an artist based in London. I work with multiple media including; photography, drawing, and painting.

When it comes to my drawings my main focus is the composition and layout of my work. I often find that less can sometimes be more. The empty space in my work is just as important as the forms that I draw. In some way, the open space within the drawings avert the viewer's eye to the more complex parts of my pieces.

Andi Theokle

Manchester Metropolitan University (Three dimensional interior design , 1998)

Hi my name is Andi Theokle and I am passionate about beauty.  Experiencing it, translating it, being surrounded by it.  Whether it be created by nature or mankind, there is a beauty in everything.  The core of creation is inspired by the majestic force of nature.

Water fascinates me, it calms me, its my escape.  The sky, natures natural canvas, projecting a purity of colours only otherwise found in natural gems, allowing the most powerful force to rise and set. Lifes ever changing canvas.


Sára Várady

Royal College of Art (MA Print , 2022)

I am a hungarian multidisciplinary artist, who trained in Hungary, Scotland, Spain, exhibited in Hungary, Netherlands, UK and China, and currently doing her master at Royal College of Art -MA Print. 


China Summer School Program University of Dundee Winner Thu, 06/01/2017
Erasmus Program European Union Winner Thu, 09/01/2016
Art of Evolution Foundation's annual competition -I was able to study at this School for free for one year based on my artwork. Montázs Arts Studio Winner Sat, 09/01/2012


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Dan Holmqvist


Dan Holmqvist, born in 1953 is a Swedish art & fashion photographer based in Gothenburg, Sweden.


With 40 years of experience he turns to fashion and

interior for his inspiration.

He believes that pictures have

the power to touch the beholder through the awakening of feelings they were yet to discover.

In true Swedish spirit he has turned a rustic villa to his photography studio where he also spend time immersing himself in classical paint and montage.

Viet Ha Tran

IE Business School, Madrid (Master in Marketing Management , 2009)

Viet Ha Tran is a Vietnam-born and Spain-based fine art photographer known for her emotionally dense and endlessly compelling photographs of women. Her art emphasizes fantasy and imagination as a source of aesthetic experience. Instead of taking photos, she tries to paint women’s emotions, inner dreams, intimacy, poetry and philosophy with her camera. As a result, her photos, apart from having an air of classic paintings, capture an ephemeral moment of feminine emotions flowing through the river of time.

Katy Gardner

University of the Arts London (Fine Art BA (Hons) , 2020)

My practice explores the transitional space between reality and imagination. A constant yearning to understand dreams, distant memories, and mutating shapes in the dark informs the progression of each artwork.

The work is process-led: often using fluid layers of ink as a base, to then find and highlight emerging forms. Considering the fragility of dreams and memories, the work can build from splinters of multiple moments or feelings, into a scene, that fits neither into the compartment of a memory, or real life, or complete imagination. 

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