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Raf Zawistowski

University of arts London (Masters degree in Art , 2011)

Rafal Zawistowski was born in Warsaw, Poland and grew up in Canada where he graduated from the BA in Fine Art at Ontario College of Art in Toronto, Canada in 2006. As part of his education Zawistowski spent a year in Florence, Italy where he exhibited his artwork as well as studying the renaissance and this still currently plays a key part in his artwork.
Zawistowski graduated in 2011 and later that year he exhibited at New Contemporaries where Charles Saatchi bought several of his artworks.

David K Ridley

Painter (BA(Hons) Fine Art , 2011)

Drawing upon elements of abstraction my paintings seek to capture the atmospheric and transient qualities of the landscape- contemporizing the traditional landscape. Through an alternation of line, colour and texture each painting takes on its own unique setting. Intuitive yet considered I want my paintings to portray a raw energy and sense of mystery where each individual viewer can form their own perspective on the work.


London Metropolitan University (Architecture , 2012)

Since my childhood, I have felt a passion for art, which balances my interests in more pragmatic areas such as mathematics or physics. I enjoy the rationality of subjects that have defined rules, while art is a way for me to explore beyond limits.

This reflects both my personality and my vocation as an architect; a profession that is both rational and creative. Art provides me with the opportunity to embrace chaos and express myself from emotion and instinct. There are no rules to follow.

Evgeniya Strygina


Evgeniya Strygina (b. 1989) is a London-based contemporary artist who specialises in landscape and architecture photography as she captures urban and natural environments to highlight both their relation to and their autonomy from human beings.

Brian Reinker

Painter (BA Fine Arts & BA Architecture , 1984)

Artist Statement:

Art Seen - 65016

Josie Clouting

Norwich University of the Arts (BA Fine Art , 2012)

Josie’s paintings are intuitive responses to the natural environment, inspired by the vastness and wonder of the natural world.

The works are saturated with colour and vitality, reflecting her response to light, atmosphere and topography. Painting and sketching en plein air is a vital part of her practice, enabling her to react to the landscape, playing with loose, immediate brush marks.

Beatrice Dina

Painter (Design and Communication , 1999)

Beatrice Dina's work explores themes of cultural hybridity, identity formation, philosophy, and spirituality. Her vivid paintings and illustrations merge at times lyrical abstraction with subtle representation, as the intent of her color-charged artworks is to connect with our deepest emotions and fears.
Born in Italy, Dina began her career in advertising as a graphic designer and art director, moving then to film production. Her diverse body of work includes documentary films, illustrations, mixed media paintings, textiles, ceramics, and sculptures.

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