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3rd place award

Stephen Aifegha

Idaho State University (arts and communication , 2021)

I am a mixed media artist who uses original African fabrics and newsprint as a major element in my art, the African fabrics are used to show my identity as an African and also give an insight into my subject matter or narrative as it concerns issues regarding the African continent and the diaspora, the newsprint at the other hand, I use to seek texture and also make social commentary. Both the fabrics and newsprint put together create a feeling of dynamism to the viewer. 


west valley art online exhibition west valley art Winner Tue, 04/20/2021

Roya Nozadi

University of Arts Tehran (Bachelor's Degree In Visual Arts , 2000)

Roya Nozadi’s work reflects her longstanding fascination with nature, contrasts, harmony, and the power of minimalist expression.

Her preferred medium is acrylic because the purity and flatness of the colours serve her minimalist agenda. Though static, the bright colours

and meticulously arranged geometric shapes in her paintings give the impression of motion, mimicking the natural rhythms of nature from where

she draws inspiration. 




Kiss&Arrow is a series of original abstract paintings by artist Luca M. Damiani. It is a platonic painted reflection as a hymn to love for life, a kiss to be shared with people you love. Kiss&Arrow symbolises a deeper love to many details of life and to connections that people can form. Whatever type of love (are you a Sicilian Blood Orange? Or a Lime+Lemon, or PassionFluo, or Sweet Angel or Steady Touch, and more!), here takes an abstracted form of a kiss, with sharp lines and painted textures.


Other (BSc Quantity Surveying , 2018)

Tejiri Esewhaye Efemena, hails from Delta state Nigeria. Born in 1997, he studied Quantity Surveying at the University of Lagos. He is a self-taught expressive multimedia visual artist gifted with various styles of art; charcoal drawings, pen art, paintings, etc. His art covers a wide range of areas such as societal issues, life activities, the immediate environment, topical human stories as well as cultural diversity. He aims to always use his art to give hope to his audience and usher them into an artistic world of possibilities.

Xiaoyang Galas


Xiaoyang Galas is a Chinese artist living and working in France. She studied Fine Art (Painting) and received a master’s degree in Chinese art history & art critic from the Sichuan Fine Art Academy, China.

The winners

anamaria cepoi

Other (2004 - University of Fine Arts and design ¨G. Enescu¨ Iasi, Romania// 2006 - Masters Architecture - Historic buildings & monuments “ , 2006)

"Art helps me balance the inner chaos, the thousands of sensations that I am dealing with on a daily basis." »

Ana María Cepoi is a Romanian artist, living in Spain who has held solo exhibitions nationally, as well as in the Netherlands, Italy and Belgium. Her goal is to inspire the viewer to take a closer look at the world around them, to rediscover the beauty and mystery of humanity. She conveys the close connection between emptiness and desire within her art. Cepoi prefers to use oils and acrylics simultaneously in her pieces.


Artbox.Talent, ZÜRICH, Switzerland ArtBox.Gallery, ZÜRICH Winner Sun, 07/01/2018

Aaron James Murphy

University of Brighton (Fine Art Practice , 2019)

Aaron James Murphy is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice spans writing, photography, sculpture and painting. A diversified practice is consolidated by ongoing research exploring the historical and contemporary discourse of Gay Rights Movements and AIDS/HIV.

Archives are a prominent point of departure in Aaron James Murphy’s practice and theoretical discourse. This enables access to a collective memory bank, rehabilitating the lives and actions documented into the contemporary sphere.


Senac São Paulo (higher education s. , 2004)

I’m Brazilian, I was born in a city in the state of São Paulo called Limeira. Since I know myself, I draw, paint, scrawl. My universe has always been artistic, the way I think, feel, speak, always comes in the form of art, that's why I express myself that way.

I moved to São Paulo (capital) at a young age and then my "voltage" increased, changing my projection as an artist and increasing the visibility of my works.

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