Drench Art Award


Sculpture Class First Prize

Ramona Pintea

University of the Arts London (Fashion Design , 1994)

Ramona Pintea is an established Surrey based artist, who works primarily in oils, with occasional forays into acrylics and mixed media. Her paintings provide colour and character in private collections stretching from Norway to Canada, England to Latvia, and Honk Kong to the Philippines.

Raphael Appignanesi

Royal College of Arts

I work in the areas of symbolism, mythology and dreams. Mythology and dreams are two sides of the same coin and for me the remaining psychology in modern times relevant to the communication of unconscious realities hidden below the surface of everyday life. These unrecognized symbolic states act like a deep undercurrent of gravity influencing us collectively. Psychoanalysis understood our primitive connection to myth but which also occurs in ecology where the interconnectedness of all things in nature is an absolute condition of the earth’s survival.


Su Bonfanti

University of the Arts London (MA Drawing , 2017)

I am looking for a way tell my story. I want to show you who I am, but I’m not sure I know who that is.

My work explores the possible connections between my current and past selves, and the role of memory in the narrative of our lives. It plays with the perspective of being a twin: always together yet always separate.

Camila Gonzalez Corea

Central Saint Martins

In the social media century, we produce and consume content as much as we dispose or forget it. We are in the business of making, not tangible products, but rather alternate personas. Personas which are brands and products within themselves and not unlike everyday objects, are manufactured, commodified, and most importantly consumed. 

The most consumed — or in other words the most liked and commented — will win the game. The game of the consumable and disposable selves. 














Joshua Redican

Coventry University


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