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Stavros Kotsakis


Stavros Kotsakis is an autodidact Greek light artist and luminaire designer based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

He has been driving his own lighting design studio named Studio Lampent since 2011.

With the purpose to explore the endless adventures of light while interacting with fascinating materials, Stavros is designing series of exclusive handcrafted luminaires which can add a genuine warmth and character to an interior.


Troy Murrah

Other (Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art , 1999)

Combining inherited family skills of quilting and carpentry, Los Angeles-based artist Troy Murrah uses thousands of wood fragments, cut from leftover remnants, to construct elaborate wall hangings that replicate traditional quilt patterns. Take a closer look, and find motifs—illustrated and designed by the artist using imagery influenced by his past. His hope is to uphold tradition and craft by refreshing them, while teaching the importance of craft and the skills used to make things with your hands that can be functional, decorative, and meaningful.

Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize 2020

Jacob Brown

The University of Edinburgh (Master of Arts (hons.) , 2020)

I am a young and recently graduated artist, who has a long standing fascination with the natural world alongside a passion for painting and creating new types of artwork. This fascination has compounded itself to discover what could be produced from this interest in depicting the variety and forms of the natural world.

I have exhibited in several major exhibitions including the Royal Academy of Arts summer exhibition in 2018 and have numerous private collectors in the UK and worldwide. I am still exploring new techniques and inspirations to further my own practice.

Lucy Stevens

Nottingham Trent University (MA Fine Art , 2007)

Lucy Stevens is a British Contemporary artist whose work explores our relationship with the natural environment on a social and cultural level.

She draws inspiration from ornithology, colour theory, and natural science collections. She is also an amateur birdwatcher. Her projects often include working in collaboration with experts in the natural world including scientists, museum curators, ornithologists, photographers, and musicians.

Ugne Pouwell

University of Westminster (BSc Photography and digital imaging technologies , 2016)

Ugne Pouwell is a fine art photographer originally from Lithuania. Today she does most of her creative work in London in the United Kingdom. She has been creating art for the past decade. In her own words: 'Photography feels right for my own well being. It allows me to output various visions and ideas'. You see a clear focus on the subject every image made is the revelation of a perceptual self. In other words, with every image Ugne reveals a part of herself. Every object is a symbol.

Mahmoud Kahil Award 2019-2020

Royal Art Prize 2017

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