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Asia Fuse

Goldsmiths, University Of London (MFA Fine Arts , 2014)

Asia is working in her birth place of Bahrain for the next month, having acquired the body of a baby giraffe, who died of natural causes whilst at Al Areen Wildlife Park in Bahrain. Asia will be collaborating with British taxidermy artist, Polly Morgan to create a piece of work using the giraffe.


My work tends to criticize cultural and social issues by merging the two conflicting views together.  The majority of my work is expressed by either morphing these two issues together, like woman’s rights vs. animal rights. My aim is to emphasize a distinction or a parallel by morphing the subject into something unrecognizable.  Thus allowing the viewer to predict the end result of the transformation. 


The majority of my work features a series of anthropomorphized creatures, using Zoomorphism to criticize the Middle East’s cultural inadequacies, which is the region where I was brought up and raised.  


By placing seemingly unrelated images on a vibrantly coloured canvas to accompany the creature, I aim to express the subject matter in an unorganized manner and not the typical sequential one, allowing each phase to be evaluated on its own and not as part of an overall series. When we present our brain with an unrecognizable pattern it comes up with its own original theories on how to resolve it.  That is how I prefer the viewer to experience the piece. 


Many of my sketches involve morphing beings trying to escape their natural form.  They are forcing a physical change and transforming their form to an unnatural specimen.  I explore these ideas by highlighting the highly regarded cultural ideals that confine our natural instincts. 


My latest project explores cultural conformities.  I am mainly focusing on a way to physically express how people conform to an existing state of affair if those conformities were to be presented as a physical constrain.  I have begun working intensively with the bodies of dead animals to find a way to represent physical transformation when presented with unnatural inorganic constraints.  

86 × 62 × 3 cm
  • £299.00
52 × 42 × 4 cm
  • £200.00
120 × 120 × 0 cm
  • £1,000.00
140 × 140 × 0 cm
  • £1,000.00
50 × 54 × 100 cm
  • £3,000.00
55 × 100 × 3 cm
  • £299.00
105 × 65 × 3 cm
  • £1,000.00
70 × 175 × 3 cm
  • £299.00
140 × 120 × 4 cm
  • £999.00
33 × 23 × 0.1 cm
  • £170.00
33 × 23 × 0 cm
  • £170.00
77 × 66 × 0 cm
  • £200.00


2014 Guilty pleasures, sweet'art gallery, london england The independent artist fair (tiaf), london endgland Goldsmiths University, Interim Show, London England Worked with Polly Morgan and Kim Zoe Wagner taxiderming a baby giraffe, Manama Bahrain Samia Gallery, 'Stop the War', London England 2013 Urban Outfitters in High St Kensington display, London England Edge of Arabia, Shubback Festival, 'In the Open', London England 2012 SOLO EXHIBITION, BLOCK 338, MANAMA BAHRAIN AlRiwaq Art Space, 'The Other', Manama Bahrain Ulafaa' Initiative First exhibition, Manama Bahrain Spring of Culture, 'Talent Programme', Manama Bahrain 2011 The Dirty T'ease, Market 338, Manama Bahrain  


A5 2015 (finalist), Lubomirov-Easton, Stand 24, Art Athena, Athens; Signature Art Prize 2015 (long-listed); Ranger House Student Art Prize; Aesthetica Student Art Prize (2nd round); Hans Brinker Budget Trophy; Rising Stars 2013

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