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Ceri Ann Jones

Ceri Ann Jones

Wimbledon College of Art (Fine Arts & Painting , 2018)

Ceri Ann Jones is a Welsh artist who studied Fine art Painting at Wimbledon College of Art. Exploring landscapes through memory and imagery, she interprets through overlapping paint, colour and texture; bringing elements of the outside to the surface of the canvas. Following a trip to Iceland, her painting style shifted. Through open spaces of colour, she explored a new medium forming textures and contrasting compositions, I interpret my personal experience.

She work from the floor and wall forming new perspectives. Ceri Ann Jones's physicality and presence is a key element in her practice. She encourages the viewer to feel the textures so that they too become involved in the place that she is recreating. 

On her art, she says..

"I communicate my interpretations through layers of overlapping paint, colour and texture, brining elements of the outside to the surface of the canvas when in my studio.  The conversation between the emptiness, fullness, the still, and movement, form contrasting compositions that interpret my personal experience. Handmade collage, combined with the digital has become a fundamental tool in image making, allowing me to resolve these problems of colour, layering, and composition. Working from these small studies, to a degree allows me to formulate decisions prior the larger paintings yet the process is an interplay between the concious and the subconcious." 

Ceri Ann Jones's brushstrokes, lively mark making, and textures form elements that on the one hand are automatic, mirroring the expressive moments she generate from memories whilst other components are rendered in a more conscious way. She is working primarily with acrylic and oil forms textures that take the 2D models into a more 3D space in the paintings, forming a depth that reflects the nature of the poetic landscapes.

130 × 150 × 2 cm
  • £1,000.00


Signature Art Prize The Signature Art Prize Nominated For Wed, 11/14/2018

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