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Henry Byrne

Henry Byrne

Camberwell College of Arts (BA Drawing , 2009)

I graduated from art college in 2009 and have a studio in ACAVA studios in Bromley by bow.

What makes a place unique? For me, it is the light that confers a sense of uniqueness. It dictates the cuisine, sleeping habits, the vegetation and the temperament of a people’s culture. In Southern Portugal I have seen the most orange of sunsets. In India, the light at dusk appears pink and one can gaze at the sun through the fog and the mist. Given this unique specificity, I believe that using light is the best way to capture a place. My concept is to relay the light from a remote area, occupying an extensively different time zone, to the Amsterdam Light Show in real time. Through this, the work will connect places through light, showing people the experience of the midday sun in the Chihuahuan desert or the rising of the moon in Brazil. Ultimately, via this process, viewers can feel associated with an alternative place, and by extension, build an understanding of difference and similarity.

52 × 42 × 1 cm
  • £400.00


    Commitions  Ringle Family : Germany  Mr & Mrs Moger Tony Idanwenge  Mr Daily  Sol De glanville Mr & Mr Hickman  Prof James Byrne  Laura Bamba  Alex Mcqueen CHarles montier   2013 : Degree art Unit 3 'in all directions' 2012 : 'henry byrne' Solo show Air gallery Dover st.  2012 : Untitled art fair 2011 :  'Interruptus' Group show Amersham Arms gallery space 2011 : ‘Aggregate’ exhibition in Unit 3 Gallery  East London.   2011 : 'rising stars oxfordshire young talant'  jam factory group show. 2011 : Woostock art fair. 2011 : 1 vyner st sculpture.  2010 : ‘Spit and Scrub’ exhibition Empson Gallery  East London. 2010 : Punch exhibition - The Persian Gallery, Oxfordshire. 2010 : City Kicks’ Exhibition - Chipping Norton Theatre Gallery, Oxfordshire   2009: Exhibition of Auto destructive art in Area 10, Peckham, London 2009 : 'D art collective' drawing show. Bare Bar.  

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