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Lidia Bianchi

Lidia Bianchi

Academy of Fine Arts

The project Transmutation comes from the need of counting the passing interior-time, which is mirror and, at the same time, interpreter of the external one. 

To make the passing interior-time visible, through a personal sculptural and photographic ritual, is the medium to feel closer to the common sense of time, and to dive in a pantheistic flow, which unifies all things, that are made by the same substance, grain by grain.

All is felt through the identification with the impassive immobility of a salty stone. The stone is iconographically connectable to the archetypal image of the corner stone, and to all the myths that come from it. 

The choice of Salt is justified for its symbolic connection to the conservation and recycling of life. 

In salt all the stories lay: the passing of its own inner time, as a mineral, and that of the landscape it belongs to, and also the story of the alchemy hidden behind the photographic processes. 

The resultant visual artwork is a series of 5 photographs, that portray the consumption, or the creation, of a stone. They are accompanied by 5 small bottles, each one containing the material that the image misses. 

The totality of the artwork assumes the look of an alchemical transmutation, but an ontological one: from the virtuality of the image to the corporeality of its own phenomenic matter. 

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