Martha Oatway

Martha Oatway

University of Central Lancashire

My current prints move beyond the surface of the land to burrow into the seams of rock lurking below the tree line.


I work with the geology of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the unseen landscape. The Blue Ridge Mountain range contains the vestiges of the Grenville mountains which existed one billion years ago. Continents collided and parted, the Grenville mountains wore down, the Blue Ridge rose up.


My monoprints illustrate what might have been or may be, the inner core of our Blue Ridge environment. They are about seeing the unseen landscape and exemplify the idea of peering into the side of a mountain.


Using collagraphs made from simple substances such as glue, carborundum, and marble dust, I create abstracted mini landscapes. I can layer the plates into multiple images, each different and yet related.

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