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Ming Ying

Ming Ying

University of the Arts London (Painting , 2018)

Graduating from University of the Arts London, Ming Ying has dedicated herself to subverting the perception of objective things in visualization through painting, so her work represents a new phase of exploration. Although images in her art seem like familiar scenes in life, they give viewers a specious feeling and imagination.

Concretely speaking, on the one hand, Ming Ying is committed to extending from the picture to outside in order to pursue a sense of endless space without restraint. On the other hand, she utilizes the contrast of large areas of light and shade to blur the real scene, making the painting’s atmosphere more hazy and psychedelic.

These works include her thinking and theory, which is that painting sometimes is to arouse our sleeping perception and makes our existence felt. Ming Ying is eager to express her thoughts and thinking of society, which has been informed through her unique experiences, her multi-cultural identity, and her exploration of life through paint.

65 × 90 × 2 cm
  • £2,400.00
100 × 70 × 2 cm
  • £3,500.00
65 × 90 × 2 cm

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