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Rachel Cloyne

Rachel Cloyne

University of Brighton (BA Hons Illustration, 2004 )

 My work involves the creation of complex patterns to create unique and bold images. I render mainly in Black Ink and highlight areas to colour. My main influences are cultural enjoying all aspects of European, Chinese, Russian and Canadian Art.

My creations meld fantasy and realism. I always start with a drawing and from there will render in ink or finish my compositions on the computer. I aim to produce a seamless finish leaving the viewer guessing how the work has been produced. I am inspired by architecture, nature and film. Authors such as  Jonathan Swift, Lewis Carroll, and Gabriel Garcia Marquez have also have influenced themes within my work.


I am currently selling my handmade, self-published books in bookshops across Brighton. Previously I have exhibited at the Institute Of Contemporary Arts, Spitalfields Market and Chelsea Old Town Hall in London. I have completed a number of commissions in the children's book sector and my work has been released widely to educational facilities in the United Kingdom. Published work is available to buy in leading bookstores.


In 2012 my First Pop-Up book 'Snow White and Rose Red' was published by Tango Books widely released throughout the UK and abroad. Later this year my work is featured in the Buster Books Girls World series. To be released to leading book stores. I continue to

expand my body of work.

12 × 31 × 0.1 cm
  • £60.00
12.55 × 24.09 × 0.1 cm
  • £55.00
23.51 × 17.05 × 0.1 cm
  • £58.00
18 × 18 × 0.1 cm
  • £55.00
16 × 22 × 0.1 cm
  • £40.00
12 × 31 × 0.1 cm
  • £125.00


Work distributed amongst Bologna, Frankfurt and London Book Fair 2011/2012/2013 Pickled Ink Exhibition at the Wild Garlic Exhibition 2011 Limited Edition Print Show, Degree Art, Vyner Street, London  (February 2009 The Studio Shop, Brighton (2008-2009)Untitled Exhibition, Chelsea Old Town Hall, Kings Road, London, (May 2008). Open House Exhibitions, Brighton and Hove, (May 2007). Prelude Exhibition, Spitalfields complex, London, (June 2006). London Artist Book Fair, (October 2005). Limited Edition Books available in Brighton bookshops and ‘Gosh’, London.  

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