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Sophie Lawniczak

Sophie Lawniczak

Central Saint Martins

Sophie Lawniczak recieved her BA in Sculpture in Poland. Her works are an expression of her desire to process the manifold character of our world. Though the ‘availability’ of information changed into‘consumability’, the structures surrounding us are becoming so complex that the degree of abstraction reached a level that makes it hard for us to actually connect them to reality. Being only able to define fragments, the abstract picture further looses its clarity, and rather than resulting in clean lines like the last decades. This is reflected by what appears to be a society carving for a nostalgic romanticism. But in fact, Sophie Lawniczak sees this in correspondence with the secret presence of contemporary myths about existence.


On her art, Sophie Lawniczak says..

"My premises in these works is to create undefinable abstract objects which still preserve aspects of the impression of the inspiring momentum, as well as of its precursor and successor. For me, ‘contrast’ is dominanting hw I perceived our world during the last decade, which is why I I’m working with textiles, as well as with metal when I have enough savings."

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