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Zicheng Zheng

Zicheng Zheng

Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts (MA , 2016)

I enjoy focusing my work on the reality of my own life, rather than something superficial, or noble. While developing and creating my art, I aim to blend the elements of my work to create an odd and poetic impression of my daily life. I hunt for subtle and fragile elements, with ironic details, and assemble them together in a illogical way. My work also has personal significance to me, signifying both my environment and cultural background. In my painting the perception is important, giving clues to making you consider not only the reality, but the time and space it represents. I love to add an interruption or surprise, giving my art ambiguity. I gather the images for my work by taking photos and the internet. These images serve me for the specific contexts of my work. Therefore, my work also raises questions about the power of the artist in claiming and appropriating diverse visual references in their work. Having lived in both the UK and France, my works are not only a reflection of my own culture but also the reflection of “geographic differences” that I have experienced.

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